2016 Texas Workshops

Customize your schedule! With over 60 unique workshops to choose from we’ve organized the titles into the following tracks:

Please note this list is not complete and is subject to change, additional workshops with speaker names will be added soon.  Updated 4/1/16

Liberty University and the National Worship Leader Conference have partnered together to offer con­ference participants one of two certificates for attending select workshops and sessions here at the 2016 National Worship Leader Conference in Virginia. These include: Certificate in Worship Lead­ership or Certificate in Music and Worship.  Participants can use the certificate, coupled with additional course work, to receive 3 hours credit toward completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree at Liberty University. For more information please visit the Liberty University booth.

Worship Leader Track

  • 10 Ways to Keep Your Ministry Fresh & Relevant – Ray Jones
  • 7 Steps to Leading Successful Worship Team Rehearsals – Stan Endicott, Slingshot Group
  • 10 Practical Essentials for Discipling Your Worship Team – Dr. Vernon Whaley, Liberty University
  • Grooming Your Choir to Be Worship Leaders – Ray Jones
  • Help for Smaller Churches – Building On your Strengths – Dr. Brannon Hancock, Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Helping Your Congregation Sing – Stan Endicott, Slingshot Group
  • How to Train and Grow Your Team – Rick Muchow
  • Leading Through a Worship Style Transition – Rick Muchow
  • Mentoring and Coaching – Stan Endicott, Slingshot Group
  • Multicultural Worship – Josh Lopez
  • One Generation to Another: Multigenerational Worship – David Ray, Doorpost Songs
  • Q & A With Wednesday General Session Speaker – Dr. Leonard Sweet
  • Q & A With Thursday General Session Speaker
  • Staying True to the Culture of Your Community – Dr. Vernon Whaley, Liberty University
  • The Art of Verbal Transition (what to say between songs) – Tim Foot, Slingshot Group
  • The Tradition of Contemporary Worship – Dr. Chuck Fromm
  • When Conflict Arises – Rich Kirkpatrick
  • Your Role as a Prayer Leader – Amy Talbert

Programming/Planning Track

  • Traditional Liturgies in Today’s Worship – Dr. Craig Gilbert
  • The Flow of a Worship Service – Dr. Steven Brooks
  • Using a Team to Plan Worship – TBA
  • Preparing for Spontaneity – Dr. Brannon Hancock, Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University
  • The Worship Planning Process – Dr. Craig Gilbert

Lead Pastor Track

  • 10 Things Worship Leaders Wish Their Pastors Knew – Gary Sinclair
  • Making Your Church a House of Prayer – Dr. Leonard Sweet
  • Reach and Engage Your Community in the Digital Age – Brett Bzdafka, Boxcast
  • Teaching Your Congregation to Worship – Dr. Craig Gilbert
  • What Visitors Notice About Your Worship – Gary Sinclair

Songwriter Track

  • Is Your Church Ready to Record? – Jackie Patillo, GMA
  • Song Discovery Open Mic Songwriter Critique
  • Songwriting – Brothers McClurg
  • Songwriting – Laura Story
  • The Business of Songwriting
  • Writing the Prayers of Your Church – Rich Kirkpatricl
  • You CAN Write a Worship Song!

Vocalist Track

  • Vocal Basics – Diane Sheets
  • Vocal Harmony and Ear Training – Diane Sheets
  • Vocal Health – Diane Sheets
  • Vocal Technique – Diane Sheets

Band Track

  • Acoustic Guitar – Erick Hailstone, Yamaha Corp. of America
  • Acoustic Guitar – Advanced – Erick Hailstone, Yamaha Corp. of America
  • Bass Guitar – TBA
  • Bass Guitar – Advanced – TBA
  • Creating Click, Loops & MultiTracks
  • Drums – TBA
  • Drums – Advanced – TBA
  • Electric Guitar – Erick Hailstone, Yamaha Corp. of America
  • Electric Guitar – Advanced – Erick Hailstone, Yamaha Corp. of America
  • Keyboards – Ed Kerr, Yamaha Corp. of America
  • Keyboards – Advanced – Ed Kerr, Yamaha Corp. of America

Personal Growth Track

  • Couples in Ministry – Ray & Andrea Jones
  • How to Handle Your Critics – Tim Foot, Slingshot Group
  • Leading on Empty – Finding Your Inspiration When You’ve Lost Your Motivation – Jim Hart, IWS
  • Leading Worship through Life’s Struggles – Amy Talbert
  • The Art of Public Prayer – Dr. Steven Brooks

Tech Track

  • Building Your Tech Ministry – Betsy Buhler
  • FOH Mixing – Doug Gould, Worship MD
  • Getting the Most Out Of Your Aging Technology – Bobby Taylor, All Pro Sound
  • In Ear Audio Monitor Mixing – Doug Gould, Worship MD
  • Microphone Technology for Worship – Doug Gould, Worship MD
  • Troubleshooting Audio Feedback – Bobby Taylor, All Pro Sound
  • Using Lighting to Enhance Your Worship – TBA

Visual Arts Track

  • Creating Visual Media for Worship – TBA
  • Environmental Projection – Camron Ware
  • Guide to Directing/Producing Your Service with IMAG – TBA
  • Ideas for Transforming Your Worship Space – TBA
  • The Art of Visual Storytelling Using Projected Media – Camron Ware
  • Video Editing Made Easy – TBA

Product Highlight Track

  • CCLI Resurces for Your Church – Paul Herman, CCLI
  • Making the Most of Planning Center Online – Aaron Stewart, Planning Center Services
  • New Technologies for Worship – Doug Gould, Worship MD
  • Yamaha Corp of America – Workshop title TBD

Conference Address

Thank you Community Bible Church for hosting the 2016 conference!

Community Bible Church
2477 North Loop 1604 East
San Antonio, TX 78232

Please do not contact the church with questions. Please direct all questions about the conference and/or travel to Worship Leader Media. The conference team can be reached at (949) 240-9339, ext 204


  • San Antonio International Airport (SAT)


  • In an effort to keep travel expenses low, we partner with local hotels in the area around the NWLC location to bring registered attendees an exclusive discount during the conference year. Below is a list of hotels offering a discounted room rate during your stay at the conference, 7/26/16 – 7/28/16 (Tues-Thurs)

Questions about travel? Please contact: stephanie@wlmag.com or call 949-240-9339 x206

Thank you for volunteering to be in the NWLC Choir in Texas! 

There are just two requirements to participate:

  • Must be registered for NWLC. This is your conference so we’re inviting only those attending to participate in the NWLC Choir, but this is limited to 100 members.
  • Must attend rehearsal from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm on Tuesday (the day before the conference).

The Conference Choir will be singing with Laura Story at this location.

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