2016 Kansas Workshops

Customize your schedule! With over 60 unique workshops to choose from we’ve organized the titles into the following tracks:

Please note this list is not complete and is subject to change Updated 8/26/16

Liberty University and the National Worship Leader Conference have partnered together to offer con­ference participants one of two certificates for attending select workshops and sessions at the 2016 National Worship Leader Conferences. These include: Certificate in Worship Lead­ership or Certificate in Music and Worship.  Participants can use the certificate, coupled with additional course work, to receive 3 hours credit toward completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree at Liberty University. For more information please visit the Liberty University booth.

Worship Leader Track

  • 7 Steps to Leading Successful Worship Team Rehearsals – Stan Endicott, Slingshot Group
  • 10 Ways to Keep Your Ministry Fresh & Relevant – Ray Jones
  • 10 Practical Essentials for Discipleship for Your Worship Team – Dr. Vernon Whaley, Liberty University
  • Grooming Your Choir to Be Worship Leaders – Ray Jones
  • Help for Smaller Churches – Building On your Strengths – Dr. Brannon Hancock, Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Helping Your Congregation Sing – Stan Endicott, Slingshot Group
  • How to Start a Worship School at Your Church – Dr. Ken Steorts
  • How to Train and Grow Your Team – Rick Muchow
  • Leading Through a Worship Style Transition – Zac Hicks
  • Mentoring and Coaching – Stan Endicott, Slingshot Group
  • Multicultural Worship – Dr. Jim Hart, IWS
  • One Generation to Another – Multigenerational Worship – Dr. David Manner
  • One Week to Turn Around Your Worship Team – Dr. Ken Steorts
  • Releasing the Sound of Revival – William McDowell
  • Staying True to the Culture of Your Community – Dr. Vernon Whaley, Liberty University
  • The Art of Verbal Transition (what to say between songs) – Tim Foot, Slingshot Group
  • The Tradition of Contemporary Worship – Dr. Chuck Fromm, Worship Leader Magazine
  • When Conflict Arises – Rich Kirkpatrick
  • Worship Journey – Paul Baloche
  • Worship Trends – Paul Herman, CCLI
  • Your Role as a Prayer Leader – Amy Talbert

Programming/Planning Track

  • Preparing for Spontaneity – Dr. Brannon Hancock, Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Traditional Liturgies in Today’s Worship – Dr. Craig Gilbert
  • The Flow of a Worship Service – Gary Sinclair
  • The Worship Planning Process – Dr. Craig Gilbert
  • Using a Team to Plan Worship – Gary Sinclair

Lead Pastor Track

  • 10 Things Worship Leaders Wish Their Pastors Knew – Zac Hicks
  • Making Your Church a House of Prayer – John Schreiner
  • Reach and Engage Your Community in the Digital Age – Brett Bzdafka, Boxcast
  • Teaching Your Congregation to Worship – Dr. Craig Gilbert
  • What Visitors Notice About Your Worship – Rick Muchow

Songwriter Track

  • Song Discovery Open Mic Songwriter Critique
  • Songwriting – Brothers McClurg
  • Songwriting – Laura Story
  • The Business of Songwriting – TBA
  • Writing the Prayers of Your Church – Rich Kirkpatrick
  • You CAN Write a Worship Song! – Tommy Walker

Vocalist Track

  • Vocal Basics – Diane Sheets
  • Vocal Harmony and Ear Training – Diane Sheets
  • Vocal Health – Diane Sheets
  • Vocal Technique – Diane Sheets

Band Track

  • Acoustic Guitar – Erick Hailstone, Yamaha Corp. of America
  • Acoustic Guitar – Advanced – Erick Hailstone, Yamaha Corp. of America
  • Bass Guitar – TBA
  • Bass Guitar – Advanced – TBA
  • Creating Click, Loops & MultiTracks – Chris Springer, Yamaha Corp. of America
  • Drums – TBA
  • Drums – Advanced – TBA
  • Electric Guitar – Erick Hailstone, Yamaha Corp. of America
  • Electric Guitar – Advanced – Erick Hailstone, Yamaha Corp. of America
  • Keyboards – Chris Springer, Yamaha Corp. of America
  • Keyboards – Advanced – Chris Springer, Yamaha Corp. of America

Personal Growth Track

  • Couples in Ministry – Ray & Andrea Jones
  • How to Handle Your Critics – Tim Foot, Slingshot Group
  • Leading on Empty – Finding Your Inspiration When You’ve Lost Your Motivation – Dr Jim Hart, IWS
  • Leading Worship through Life’s Struggles – Amy Talbert
  • The Art of Leading Prayer – John Schreiner

Tech Track

  • Building Your Tech Ministry – Dave Pullin
  • FOH Mixing – Doug Gould, Worship MD
  • Getting the Most Out Of Your Aging Technology – Bobby Taylor, All Pro Sound
  • In Ear Audio Monitor Mixing – Doug Gould, Worship MD
  • Microphone Technology for Worship – Doug Gould, Worship MD
  • Troubleshooting Audio Feedback – Bobby Taylor, All Pro Sound
  • Using Lighting to Enhance Your Worship – TBA

Visual Arts Track

  • Creating Visual Media for Worship – Mike Overlin, Yamaha Worship Resources
  • Environmental Projection – Camron Ware
  • Guide to Directing/Producing Your Service with IMAG – Obed Castillo
  • Ideas for Transforming Your Worship Space – Matt Lewis
  • The Art of Visual Storytelling Using Projected Media – Camron Ware
  • Video Editing Made Easy – Derek Davis

Product Highlight Track

  • CCLI Resources for your Church – Paul Herman, CCLI
  • Have You Seen the New MediaShout? – Aaron West, MediaShout
  • Making the Most of Planning Center Online – Aaron Stewart, Planning Center Services
  • New Technologies for Worship – Doug Gould, Worship MD
  • TF Series brings YAMAHA Mixing Power to the Volunteer Audio Team – Mike Overlin, Yamaha Worship Resources



Conference Address

Westside Family Church
8500 Woodsonia Dr.
Lenexa, KS 66227

  • Please do not contact the church with questions. Please direct all questions about the conference and/or travel to Worship Leader Media. The conference team can be reached at (949) 240-9339, ext 206


  • MCI, Kansas City International Airport
    Distance (approx): 35 miles from Conference Location

  • In an effort to keep travel expenses low, we partner with hotels in the area around the NWLC location to bring registered attendees an exclusive discount during the conference. Below is a list of hotels offering a discounted room rate during your stay at the conference, 10/4/16 – 10/6/16 (Tues-Thurs)

Questions about travel? Please contact: stephanie@wlmag.com or call 949-240-9339 x206

Thank you for volunteering to be in the NWLC Choir in Kansas! 

There are just two requirements to participate:

  • Must be registered for NWLC. This is your conference so we’re inviting only those attending to participate in the NWLC Choir, but this is limited to 100 members.
  • Must attend rehearsal from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm on Tuesday (the day before the conference).

The Conference Choir will be singing with Laura Story AND Tommy Walker at this location.

  • Your Contact Information

    We will send you more information along with a link to review the Music and MP3's when we get closer to the event.

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