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The Richness of Our Faith

By David Neff Worship Leader continually focuses on prayer poetry in songwriting and bringing the past to the present in our services of worship. This year at the National Worship Leader Conference, we have invited David Neff (the former editor-in-chief of Christianity Today magazine), to take part when we are in Virginia (May 19-21). Here’s an interview that […]

Daniel Bashta: Worship With a Mission

“The great commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed.” –Hudson Taylor Growing up in a missionary family, I often heard the Hudson Taylor phrase printed above. Since I was little, we’ve done mission’s work all over the world. We lived in Russia in the early ’90s. We […]

3 Reasons to Build a Choir

 By Ray Jones Let’s start off by admitting that this generation of worship leaders are split on this issue. But with the resurgence of vocal music in reality TV and the with the Glee generation of students, we are seeing more and more of our congregants that want to participate in the worship ministry. So, […]

The Devil’s Instrument

Recorded at NWLC 2014 in San Jose, CA, Dr. Ron Allen definitively answers the question, “What instrument belongs to the devil?” Ron Allen was a featured general session speaker last last year. Listen and learn from the 2015 general session speakers such as Darlene Zschech, Dr. Leonard Sweet, Dr. Marva Dawn, Pete Briscoe, and many […]

NWLC Values

The NWLC values represent our deeper mission for the conference. Take a look at what the National Worship Leader Conference is really about and what can you expect. 1. You will gather in a house of prayer. The ultimate focus of the National Worship Leader Conference is prayer. Congregational prayer, sung prayers, individual prayers, spoken […]

The Rest Will Come

By Christy Nockels   This article was abridged and adapted from Christy’s workshop at the National Worship Leader Conference in 2014.   When we were kids from Oklahoma, My husband, Nathan, and I made a record with another young guy named Charlie Hall, called Holy War. Somehow (this was before the Internet), someone at the Passion […]

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