Part of the Worship Leader Media suite of resources, the NATIONAL WORSHIP LEADER CONFERENCE (NWLC) encompasses a broad range of styles and traditions in order to facilitate inspiration, training, and unity amongst the body of Christ. The training offered at the NWLC, from worship skill to production to musical performance to church leadership to missional outreach, is built on the centrality of God’s story, so that his glory will be joyfully declared amongst the nations (Ps 96:3). This year our theme is “Teach us to Pray.” We believe that God is at work renewing the global Church through worship, and at the heart of this renewal is God’s people turning to him in prayer. As indicated by the Psalms and beyond, God’s greatest prayer agent is music. When we sing together in prayer we engage with God and are transformed to his likeness, better to join his ongoing New Song amongst the nations.

What’s Included at NWLC:

  • 2 Mornings & 2 Nights of Prayer & Worship
  • 8 Workshop Sessions
  • Over 50 different workshops
  • Access to a wide array of worship resources in the Exhibitor Hall

Who Attends NWLC:

  • Worship leaders
  • Pastors
  • Musicians
  • Vocalists
  • Multimedia artists
  • Tech team
  • Songwriters
  • Choir members/directors
  • Visual artists
  • Youth and Children’s worship leaders

What sets the NWLC  apart:

1. You will be exposed to New Song.

Being exposed to New Song is more  than finding novelty; New Song is a metaphor for Jesus, our mediator—the liturgy of heaven. The National Worship Leader Conference is a place to join with others like you, learn from the experience of influential worship leaders and thinkers, and challenge one another to delve deeper into the art of leading worship. We will find New Song in new musical styles, in recovering classic traditions, in the insights and inspiration of thought leaders, and interacting with others like us. In the process, we will discover a new energy and passion for the ministry of leading the musical prayers of our communities.

2. You will worship with multiple sounds with multiple styles and along with multiple traditions. 

Worship Leader goes to great lengths to find excellence in multiple voices, styles, and media in order to broaden the conversation of worship. We love contemporary praise band music but believe there is a benefit to being exposed to other approaches as well, including such styles as classic hymns, meditational music, gospel, indie, pop, choral, and many more. Often, attendees are most blessed by a style or a media tool that they are not familiar with. Because of this intentionality, there is no other worship gathering that assembles as many people from as many traditions across the prayer spectrum of Christianity.

3. You will be invited to rest.

The National Worship Leader Conference is designed to take you away from the distractions, designed to pull you away from the things that often overwhelm, and place you in a house of worship with others like you to learn and refresh. Musicians, pastors, worship team members, and multimedia artists gather together to find inspiration and renewal. When this happens, we believe your passion will flow forth with a powerful impact on your entire worship community. This is not merely a battery re-charge, this is a time to restore and rediscover your life’s passion and calling.

Join us at this year’s National Worship Leader Conference in 2016 as we learn to lead the worship of our congregations skillfully, biblically, and prayerfully.

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